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Ride the waves of freedom with Kristin Wilson and become a poker refugee


Kristin will set you free

(disclaimer: All the pictures and opinions are the responsability of Oddsavisen, not Kristin Wilson)

The United States still don’t respect the case they lost in the WTO court against Antigua and Barbuda in 2002.  Black Friday in 2011 was an illegal act from start to end, and it was the day millions of Americans understood that they don’t live in the land of the free. While most of the poker communities in the US gave up, one surfer found a way to profit on the situation, simply by helping people. Kristin Wilson represents what the USA used to be. She provides Freedom and personal gain trough giving a service to the poker and betting society. Now she is making a living relocating Americans to other more liberal countries.


Hello, tell us a little bit about yourself?

A: My name is Kristin Wilson, I’m from Florida and have been traveling internationally by myself since I was a teenager. I used to surf professionally and traveled the world to all the tournaments (similar to poker players going to EPT/APPTs, etc). In college I studied abroad for a year and realized that I wanted to live abroad pretty much for the rest of my life. I love to travel and experience foreign cultures. After getting a degree in International Business Management and then an MBA, I moved to Costa Rica and never looked back. I’ve been living abroad full time since 2005 in Central America, Mexico, Canada and Europe.


(Economial stress, xanax and mental trouble? Or jungle, sea and fresh fruits? When you make up your mind Kristin Wilson is only one phone call away, with freedom in her hands)

What was the background for the business idea?

A: I had already been living in and traveling to Costa Rica for nearly 9 years when Black Friday hit. Costa Rica was the heart of the online gaming industry and many online poker rooms, sports books and more had headquarters or offices there. I knew a lot about the industry because many poker site and sports book employees were my real estate clients at the time. Black Friday didn’t really come as a surprise to me, so when it happened I knew that it would take years for the US to regulate and sort online poker – if ever. My first thought on the day of Black Friday was basically an epiphany that I would use my 10+ years of experience living and traveling abroad to help the poker players relocate while the proverbial dust settled. I had already helped thousands of “normal people” relocate to Central America and knew I could create a custom service specifically for online gambling professionals so that they could move quickly and efficiently for work.


(Kristin Wilson leverage on the fact that she comes from a country that claim that they respect their citizens but the real truth is that they are using mind control and taxes to take away human rights)

What is the greatest challenges in the process?

Let’s face it – moving abroad is a big decision and a complex undertaking. Without help, it’s absolutely impossible not to make mistakes and lose money. My job is to save my clients both time and money and make the process enjoyable instead of stressful. I help them with everything they need, including all the things they don’t know they need yet. It took about 4 month of planning before I was able to launch the concept with the support from PocketFives, and we’ve been busy ever since. Now about half of our clients are from other countries than the US, because it turns out that the US is just one of many countries whose pro players are adversely affected by online gaming regulation.


(Propaganda like this makes thing hard for freedom seeking young americans)

What kind off service do you offer to the players?

A: The services we offer continue to grow in variety and scope, because we are evolving in alignment with the needs of poker players. Currently, some of the services we provide are:

  • Consulting: We offer hourly consulting to help players with a variety of topics. We have relocated about 500 professional gamblers and spoken with thousands, so we have a unique position, perspective and ability to advise players on various topics.
  • Bank Accounts
  • VIP status & set-up on e-wallets plus support for depositing and withdrawing
  • Custom-designed rental property searches & negotiation
  • Utilities, internet & back up internet set up
  • Finding a roommate or setting up a poker house
  • Documentation & administrative support for poker sites and more
  • Helping players reactivate gaming accounts or change their registered addresses
  • Private translators
  • Private drivers and transport
  • Concierge services: maids/cleaning, shipping, errands, travel arrangements, etc
  • Country guides, profiles & information
  • Orientation & shopping
  • Referrals to hand-selected legal and accounting professionals in each of the countries we serve; all our partners have experience working with professional poker players and sports bettors from countries worldwide

Full Relocation Packages: We offer a package for each country that includes all of our á la carte services combined at a discount, so players can get a single comprehensive service that meets all of their needs.


(Find your own path. We are all in charge off our own future)

How many players have you relocated?

A: Nearly 500


(Kristin Wilson with friends and clients. She left the US and is living the dream, helping other people escape from a corrupted goverment)

What is the preferred destination for the players?

A: Mexico, Canada and Costa Rica are the top destinations. Malta is also popular, especially for European players

Do you have any love stories about players finding a gf/bf in their new homes?

A: Yes, actually, one being myself! My boyfriend of ~3.5 years is @Msaucepoker or @msauce on 2+2. He was one of my first clients in August 2011 and we’ve been together ever since. My best matchmaking claim to fame has been my younger sister with tournament pro Matt Stout; they are currently engaged! Many of our players have found girlfriends or even wives upon relocating. A growing number also have kids now also. It’s very rewarding to see my clients enhance their lives or start new ones while living abroad. It’s 2015 and the world is increasingly global; sometimes it’s easier to find love in foreign countries rather than at home. It forces you out of your comfort zone a bit and you end up meeting so many interesting people; it opens a lot of doors and opportunities inevitably.


(Mix it up boys and girls. Go to another country and find love. That is the way we can stop wars and live in peace. We need to connect and move around)

In Norway poker is still legal but our tax system makes it almost impossible to be a pokerplayer. What are your suggestion for norwegians players that want to stay close to Norway?

Unfortunately for many EU players, their local tax systems can force them out of their homes. I think this is because the laws are written from the perspective of: the gaming operators, the government and most importantly, the tax payers (recreational players). The laws are written in the interest of the masses, not the minority of poker professionals. Fortunately, Norwegians are in good company as players from many other neighboring countries are also affected and it’s nothing new or insurmountable these days. We have helped players from UK, France, Spain, Greece, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Romania and Hungary, amongst other countries. Most players move expressly for tax reasons and need to change their tax domicile. Others move for a change in cost of living, lifestyle, climate or just for fun and travel.


(TTIP – Transatlantic trade and Investment Partnership will soon be reality. Kristin Wilson can grow the business into more segments than poker the next decade. The amount off people looking for new passports have never been so high as it was in 2014)

How can people get in touch with you?

A: The best way is for players to fill out our online contact form. They are located here:

This will give us a good base of information to go on. Alternatively, players can reach out to us via email at: info@pokerrefugees.com or on https://www.facebook.com/PokerRefugees/

The next president will be Hillary Clinton if the oddsmakers are right. Oddsavisen would pick Kristin Wilson over Hillary every day off the week. Next election Bill Clintons wife is going headsup against Jeb Bush. Time to leave the USA, fellows?





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