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Jo Arild Remme robbed 144 000 USD from Jeroen Vink – Now we need to unite


Oddsavisen.com is a norwegian newspaper in the gambling sector. We have been writing several stories about multiscammer Jo Arild Remme, but now we feel it is time to go international.


Story about Jo Arild Remme

And another one about when he sold his affiliate business two months ago

Story about Jo Arild Remmes home in Norway 1 and 2

Info about his new casino


The problem in Norway is that poker players are afraid to speak up due to our crazy tax system. This is not the case in other countries. The list of victims is large and Jo Arild Remme has scammed people from several countries and continents. It is quite remarkable that this person still can walk around without getting his knees or face smashed in or worse, but Norway is the best country in the world for scammers. Norwegians forgive and we are not used to use violence to get our money back from thieves. Jo Arild Remme is fully aware of this fact and he is taking advantage of it every day. He has a business up right now!  www.leojackpot.com. If someone know about any other business that Mr Remme runs please contact Oddsavisen.com.

Oddsavisen and freelance journalist Per Magnus Bing and Jeroen Vink has now started a facebook group for people that have been scammed by Jo Arild Remme. So far we have members from 10 countries. Let s all unite to so we can get all the information about Jo Arild Remme to the surface so he finally can get the jailtime he deserves. We will also try to get our money back.

Enough is enough Mr Jo Arild Remme. We advice you to contact us on pmbing@oddsavisen.com because this is just going to get worse for you. We already have a bounty on 2000 euro for those who can point out where Jo Arild Remme lives and we are also interested in where he conduct business.

Join the facebook group here:



(Jeroen Vink is one of many Jo Arild Remmes many victims. Now all the victims can join forces to nail this bastard one time for all)

Hello Jeroen Vink. Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am dutch, former stockbroker for 15 years, pokerplayer. Reside in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I am divorced with four kids

Can you please tell us about your encounter with Jo Arild Remme and his poker companies back in 2006-2009?

I started playing on betonbet in 2006. In 2009 Eurolinx took over Betonbet. We know why now, he scammed the players from Betonbet also. Also never heard about it until the site went down. I spoke to Jo Arild Remme in august 2009. Then he said he had trouble with shareholders and stocks and real estate was down alot… He blamed the financial crisis and left with the money.

How much did Jo Arild Remme steal from you in total when he left with all the player funds?

144.000  USD.

Did this event cause any trouble in your life?

Yes, because I lost my job in the financial crisis. When he took my whole poker bankroll away from me after that it hurt my family and me a lot. It was a really hard time. In the end I got divorced and had to move home to my parents.

Do you have friends or colleagues that got scammed by Jo Arild Remme?

I had a lot of pokerfriends at that time. Swedes and canadians mostly. One Canadian friend got robbed for 950.000 USD by Jo Arild Remme.


(Marc Karam got stiffed for 950.000 USD by Mr Jo Arild Remme)

Oddsavisen found out that Jo Arild Remme is the owner off the casino LeoJackpot and had a big affiliate network business. How does it make you feel that this man still is in business and scamming people?

I feel very sick about the fact that he is active again.

Have you talked to Mr Jo Arild Remme lately?

I phoned him some few weeks ago on the number i found on your site www.oddsavisen.com. I remembered his voice. After 1 minute he hung up. After that i sent some whatsapp messages to him and he did not respond any messages.

Do you think you can get your money back?

I dont have much hope but I will try and do whatever it takes to get it back.

Do you have anything you want to say to Mr Jo Arild Remme?

Watch your back. I will find you!


(Jeroen Vink promises a great “bonanza” for Jo Arild Remme when he meets him. Oddsavisen pays 2000 euro for those who can help us find Mr Jo Arild Remme)

What do you feel about the fact that www.oddsavisen.com has given all the information about Jo Arild Remme and nothing happens? 

That is disgusting. He stole millions of dollars. Why do we need the police if they not go after criminals like Jo Arild Remme. He has been doing scams since 2002 and he is still active scamming new victims.


You might wonder what Mr Jo Arild Remme is going now?


Dear Affiliates,

Hope this email finds you well.

This is Constantine, the ex-head of affiliates for LeoJackpot.

I am sending you this email from my personal email address as I do not longer work for LeoJackpot.

I wanted to contact you earlier but I had to make sure I receive my final payment before doing that. I hope you understand.

The reason for sending this email is that I would like to bring to your attention the practices used by LeoJackpot and which resulted in me leaving the company.

Unfortunately their work ethics are not to the standard they should be. To make it sort, they are stealing your registered players with LeoJackpot and using their details to email them (with their own affiliate tracking code) offers from other operators. The email used is :newsletter@abccampaign.com

Also, with a bit of investigation I discovered that the guy owning 50% of LeoJackpot, and who runs the operational side of things, has an interesting history:

Lastly, before I left the company, I overheard some discussions about launching another operation with the name xxlcasino.

I would like to advice you to avoid LeoJackpot as well as xxlcasino if they launch it. These kind of people should be ousted from the industry.

PERSONAL NOTE: I am not going to gain anything from this email besides standing up to what I feel is right. I follow or at least try to follow my principals on a daily basis and do not compromise for anything. I have been told that this might affect my future prospects of finding employment in this industry but I am willing to take that risk. I am an affiliate manager that enjoys building trustworthy relationships on equal terms( I treat affiliates as I would treat my friends). That is something all affiliate managers should strive for. And because of that, I could not just stay silent and therefore decided to send you this email.

Anyway, the choice is yours!

Wish you a very nice day.

Kind Regards


Our freelance journalist Per Magnus Bing also got a message to Mr Jo Arild Remme:


(Mr Jo Arild Remme. Oddsavisen is not a ordinary media outfit. Regards)




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